Homeschooling Resources

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Below you will find a few resources and useful information as well as hosts that have kindly helped us prepare the HGS2020.

HGS2020 Summit Super-Hosts

Kelly Davis
I am co-founder and the Director of Education for Galileo. Galileo is the new innovative self-directed online school for students who are worldschoolers, homeschoolers, and/or unschoolers from around the world.
Stacey Piercey
Entrepreneur, homeschooler and founder of Kids 2 Market, a program teaching kids and teens how to start a business from idea generation to their first sale.
Lizz Quain
Worldschooling, digital nomad, single mom of 11 year old twins. Entrepreneur and former play cafe and play-based preschool owner. Director at Galileo.
Lainie Liberti
Founder of Project World School & Project World School Family Summits. Multi-day retreats designed for homeschoolers, unschoolers and democratic learners alike.
Ken Danford
Since 1996, Ken has been working with others to make school optional for any interested teen in our community through North Star, an alternative to middle school and high school.
Daniel Prince
Author of Choose Life which chronicles the tools, tricks and hacks of long-term family travellers, world-schoolers and digital Nomads!
Alvaro Sanmartin Cid
Founder of Minds Studio, helping companies design unique upskilling and reskilling solutions
Homeschooling Global Society
We bring together modern homeschooling parents from all over the world to learn, connect, share ideas and strategies so that we can offer the most flexible and innovative education for our children. This is a great place to share and connect with other like-minded parents and educators.