Homeschooling Global Summit Keynote Speakers

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Summit Overview

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Homeschooling 101Everything you need to know to start homeschooling
Schools during and after COVIDTransitioning from teaching in traditional schools to distance learning after COVID?
Homeschooling globally Where is it possible/legal?
Interesting ProjectsHomeschooling projects you should know about
Unschooling Should children self-direct their learning?
Worldschooling Should you make the world your child’s classroom?
Micro SchoolsAnd other alternative brick and mortar options
Education technologyTech Solutions and Ed-tech companies for alternative education
How these kids turn outStories from teens and grown alternative education students
The future of Education Let’s imagine and forecast what the future will look like

Global Summit 2020
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1.4 billion people suddenly homeschooling all over the world

Covid-19 forced 1.4B children globally to start homeschooling without warning. Schools had to rush distanced learning and the interest by parents worldwide on how to homeschool properly has skyrocketed. We’re here to help by sharing practical advice and wisdom from experienced homeschooling and alternative education advocates.
Actual solutions
Which form of homeschooling is best for your family? Traditional, Eclectic, Online, Unschooling, Worldschooling...
The Future of Learning
How the Covid-19 situation will change the future of education and what does our society have to do to design a better way to learn?
The Future of Work
With more parents suddenly working remotely, will they continue to do so to spend more time at home with their families?